At Revitalab Medical and Aesthetic Clinic we offer Lipogon weight loss injections. Our weight loss injections promote lipolysis, which helps  remove stubborn fat deposits in selected areas of your body.

The Lipogon weight loss injections are a unique cocktail of active ingredients that aid in rapid metabilisation and dispersion of targeted fat. Any and or all areas of the body can be targeted with our Lipogon weight loss injections such as; the waist, stumach, inner thighs, knees, ankles, under the upper arms as well as a double chin.

Lipogon weight loss injections help break down fatty acids and fats which are then absorbed and transported throughout the lynphatic system. Lipogon weight loss injections are extremely effective and we have achieved amazing results in combating cellulite as well as rapid weight loss. Results can be seen within 2-weeks in a single treatment, for optimal results we recommend treatments of 4-6 weeks apart, IF NECESSARY!!

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To enhance your result we offer Lymhereum Tincture Drops and Liniment Lymphereum serum to boost the lymphatic system and hep with water retention.

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