Epil Hair Removal

Finally, an easy accesssible and pain-free permanent hair reduction solution!!

Enhance your waxing routine with Epil Hair Removal and get long lasting laser like results. Whether you're an avid

waxer or not, you can get the benefit of smooth hairless skin with our unique Epil Hair Removal treatment.

Laser is not the only solution out there.

You can get the results you've always wanted



Abdomen 600.00
Back - From 1120.00
Bikini - Line 480.00
Bikini - Landing Strip 770.00
Bikini - Brazillian 1040.00
Bikini - Hollywood 1300.00
Brow 300.00
Cheek 400.00
Chest - From 1120.00
Chin 300.00
Half Arm 600.00
Full Arm 1000.00
Half Leg 1000.00
Full Leg 1500.00
Lip 300.00
Full Face 1000.00
Under Arm 400.00


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