Remodel the figure, by correcting size, shape and skin.


So many people set out every day on a weight loss plan of sorts yet so few ever seem to reach and maintain their goal.

A very simple explanation for this lies in how the goal is formalised. Should our primary goal not be to look and feel better?


For this reason every weight loss programme at Revitalab is based on the premise that we should reshape the body

rather than simply reduce fat. This is very important, as so often a weight loss programme leads to excessive and loose skin,

or a shift in focus to an unwanted and resistant fat pocket. The result of that often is that you might have lost the weight

you wanted to, but could still  be frustrated by your cellulite, unsightly veins or stretch marks.

At Revitalab we purposefully follow an integrative, holistic approach that will address all of these concerns. In contrast to

our facial remodelling motto, when it comes to your body we believe that more is more! For example, one cannot have

too little cellulite.


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