Looking and feeling better are totally integrated.

So often we find that the last step in looking better only takes place when you also feel better. Sometimes the reason

people want to look better is because it will make them feel better. It has thus become clear that the two factors are

totally integrated and that the “feel good factor” is inherent to medical aesthetics. To add to the modalities to enhance

face and figure thus comes vigour.

In this sense, “vigour” is a loosely defined term, and Revitalab deploys a number of protocols to improve your overall

health and general sense of wellbeing.
A key element of our treatment is the use of functional medicine that serves to help the body to help itself. A combination of

allopathic, homeopathic, naturopathic as well as orthomolecular modalities is utilised.


Ultimately, our treatment aims to help you integrate mind, body and spirit.


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