Essentially, the Revitalab-Way combines the softer touches that all women love,

with ever-more sophisticated clinical protocols.

Revitalab Medical Aesthetic Clinic follows a team approach that involves physicians, therapists and YOU.


Every single patient at Revitalab Medical Aesthetic Clinic is treated as an individual and great care is taken to formulate treatment plans that are consistent with your very specific need.

 Revitalab Medical Aesthetic Clinic invites you to meet our team…





Dr Chris Giezing

Dr Chris Giezing is a full time medical aesthetic practitioner at Revitalab Clinic with a focused interest in neurotoxin and filler use as well as weight loss and body shaping modalities.

He has been involved in the industry since 2000 and has been developing a model for medical aesthetic clinic practices that combines with elements of functional medicine.

He is a regular speaker on both local and international conferences and also trains widely in his chosen fields. One of the founder members of the AAMSSA, he is still a serving member on its executive committee.

Dr Chris Giezing practises as a specialist in medical aesthetic procedures at Revitalab Clinic. Dr Chris Giezing also acts as the KOL(Key Opinion Leader) for Galderma, one of the worlds leaders in dermal fillers.




Anrietha Malherbe

Anrietha Malherbe successfully completed her 3-year Somatology Diploma. She is also a qualified medical aesthetician at Revitalab Medical Aesthetic Clinic.

She then started her professional career in 1991 at Hoogland Hydro where she was able to work side by side with some of the most renowned Somatologists in our country – treating celebrities and VIPs for a variety of skin and body conditions in a health-related and holistic manner.

After that she was appointed worked at Face and Figure in Pretoria before they moved to Maroelana and became Cape Connection.

In 2001 Anrietha started working at MatiSpa, a trusted family business where she was able to build up a solid client base who remained loyal to her ever since.

She then specialised in Chemical Peels and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments and continues to advance her   knowledge in aesthetics on a continuous basis. Anrietha finished her Carboxy Therapy diploma in 2013 in which she is achieving excellent results at Revitalab Medical Aesthetic Clinic.



Ronelle Engelbrecht

Ronelle has many years of solid working experience at MatiSpa, an upmarket, family owned, beauty spa.

Due to her special interest in body contouring and weight loss, she got hands on involved in the marketing and training of body contour machines. For three years, she marketed Coax ultrasound and radio frequency equipment for body reshaping. She was also the national trainer for Biotec Italia’s CoaxMed body treatments.

She then got exposure to BTL laser technology. After extensive research, she learnt that this is of the most advanced technology available for facial rejuvenation, body shaping and skin tightening. For this reason she decided to join the BTL team. Subsequently, she does marketing and training on the BTL Exilis, X-Wave and Lymphastim machines.

Ronelle continuously advances her knowledge and skills in weight loss and body contouring. With her deep         understanding of the mechanics of radio frequency and ultra sound therapy, she is able to offer sound advice on the best treatment options for you.

She and her team decided to join forces with Dr. Chris Giezing and Revitalab Medical Aesthetic Clinic, as their collective expertise is bound to complement the other and add substantial value for patients.



Andrea Visser

Andrea obtained her Somatology qualification from the distinguished Placecol Institute in 2007. She is also a qualified medical aesthetician at Revitalab Medical Aesthetic Clinic.

She kick-started her professional career at Placecol after which she joined Intercare, where she worked with health issues that relate to both men and women.

She then joined MatiSpa in 2010, working with top clientele in an upmarket environment.
Andrea developed a special interest in Mesotherapy, groundbreaking new technology that is proving to achieve phenomenal resulst in skin renewal and weightloss at Revitalab Medical Aesthetic CLinic. She is also a renowned specialist in professional make-up.

Andrea is poised to add her body sculpting expertise to that of the Revitalab Medical Aesthetic Clinic crew. She also specializes in IPL and Skin resurfacing (chemical peel)



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